Soren is 2.5!

This goof troop turned 2.5 on 3/23. We swear he woke up from his nap that day a half an inch taller and speaking about 30 more words.

He loves singing and will often tell us to stop singing because he is singing. Soren loves the Puffin Rock theme song, Little Drummer Boy, Stompy the Bear, Frozen 2 sound track, and Seasame street songs, especially C is for Cookie.

Soren is a bit of a dare devil- from jumping off furniture to riding his scooter super fast. His new trick is to squat while steering down a hill on his scooter. He also likes to look over his shoulder while running away, giving us a sly, mischievous look.

He is also super silly, just like his big sister. Here he is pretending to sneeze- not what we need him doing during this pandemic, but luckily we are just staying home right now.

Soren does have a quiet side, though that is mostly when he is having a poop in his diaper! But he does love reading books and kids magazines. He has a great memory and can recite many of his favorites, including Curious George (a 8 book set, Thanks Auntie Rach!) and The Bear Snores On.

He loves his family! Tonight he gave me the biggest hug around my neck, emphasizing it with a ‘snap, I got you’ as he hugged me. Sloane and Soren play well together. Unless one of them takes the other’s favorite thing (which changes hour to hour), because then there are lots of tears and MINE being yelled out. Did I mention they are both boisterous and opinionated? Who would have thought Adam and I would have loud kids who knew what they wanted!?!

Sloane’s writing and drawing

Completely on her own, Sloane wrote this note and told me it was for her bedroom door. It says ‘Sloane, Yes Molly, No Soren.’ We are in for a long haul with these two growing up! She did recently decide to take this down and replaced it with Yes Soren, which is nice in our new reality of every one home most of the time.

Sloane has always loved stories. Most of the time, Adam and I have been reading or telling her stories over the years. For the past year she has taken to dictating stories to us to write in a notebook or on paper for her. Most recently, she has taken to drawing on multiple pages and then narrating the story for us to transcribe onto the pages. Last week in the middle of pretending she was a pilot who flew me to Africa, she grabbed a few pieces of paper and assured me she would use both pages. When she finished, she asked me to tape them together and write out the story for her. I will type out the text after each picture because my handwriting is terrible especially when trying to keep up with her dictation.

This book is call The African Safari Adventure written and illustrated by Sloane Bramble.

Molly and Sloane, one day they went on Safari. They saw some lions, some zebras. Molly was scared when she saw the lions. But Sloane held her hand and they both got braver.

And they saw some elephants. And the elephants went ‘wwrrrr’ And Sloane giggled.

And then they saw a monkey and a lion. And they had some fun with the lion and the monkey. They drank some lion lemonade and they drank some monkey lemonade. and they are some pie.

And then they saw the giraffe who had a really long neck. Molly and Sloane got to take a ride on it. And they had some fun. And then they had some giraffe pie. And then their trip was done.

The end, Sloane Molly, To share with the family.

I personally think the elephant drawing is amazing!

What a March!

On 3/14 we had a snow fall. It was a bit of a surprise when we woke on Saturday morning. The kids loved it and we had a nice morning playing around. We were able to use the sled I bought in November. I thought I had jinxed us for no snow because I prepared by having a sled ahead of time but March 2020 is not following any rules.

The snow was mostly gone by the evening. But some neighbors rolled huge snow balls in the park so we were able to visit some snow for a couple more days.

And then 3/20, six days after the snow, this is what the kids did on the deck before dinner.

Adam and I are not working due to COVID-19, so we are home with the kids. Things are going pretty well even with the stress and uncertainty of this time. The kids are taking everything with amazing flexibility and understanding. We divide our time between long walks in our neighborhood and watching tiny goat visits videos from the Oregon Zoo. Oh and this happens sometimes.

Let see what April can shovel on us!

Sloane’s pre-K performance

Every March, Sloane’s pre-K class does a performance. The children make up their own characters, which have to be from their imaginations not from a book or movie. Needless to say there were a few ‘ice queens’ this year since Frozen 2 came out in the fall. When my mom was visiting, we went shopping at the resale shop for a princess dress because that was Sloane’s idea for a character. The dress she selected had roses on it so she decided she was the Rose Princess.

The day of the show Sloane and I had dinner just the two of us at Burgerville (her favorite) and then went back to her classroom to get ready. Adam met us there and it was fun to see Sloane getting so excited with her friends. I bit my tongue and let her do whatever she wanted for make up. The end result was less polished than I would have done, but totally 100% Sloane. Note the gold lips and general mouth area, along with asymmetrical gems on her face.

Fueling up for the show
Izola, Emma, Penny, and Sloane

Sloane’s teacher, Terry, reads through the story that the children have come up with together. They are in little groups that come out together and sometimes do a little action or just wave. Sloane was going to shoot roses but she was so excited she just waved to us. The performance ended with one of her classmate pretending to play guitar and every one dancing.

Sloane, the rose princess and her friend Pearl, the heart love princess

This is her 3rd and final year doing the pre-K performance. And next year, it will likely be Soren’s turn!