Adam and I will sing to the kids at the end of the bedtime routine. When I am putting Soren down, he will sing with me. Recently, he will sing Baby Mine from Dumbo and wait until you hear our harmony! I had to take the video on the sly because he will just goof around if he knows I am filming. It is also a little long because we have to pause between verses to open the doors of his toy firetruck. But the second verse is worth it when he says ‘pay no heap what they say’

We have watched Frozen 2 a couple of times. Both Sloane and Soren enjoy belting out the Northuldra harmony. I was working in the yard when they came home from a bike ride with Adam singing ‘nah-nah, hey ya’ at the top of their lungs. We were talking about it at dinner that night and Sloane did a freestyle remix.

Sloane and Soren were playing camp out in the sleeping bags. Sloane started to sing the lullaby from Frozen 2. Notice she is stroking down Soren’s nose, I had told her recently that I use to do that to get them to sleep as babies.