Strawberry ice cream

The kids helped Adam make strawberry ice cream with fresh local strawberries that Nini and Papa gave us. I thought it would be good for Soren to have his first ice cream cone since it is the first summer he can eat dairy and gluten. Adam handed him the cone and Soren said “oh, fancy”. He sat in Adam’s lap and they both had cones. Then Soren took a bite that got a bit of cone and he says “I sorry” because he didn’t know he could eat the cone. He is quite a thoughtful little one.

Soren wants a story

Starting in the middle of this pandemic, Soren started asking for Adam or I to make up stories for him. Sloane asks for them constantly with a wide cast of characters- Lonnie the lion, Mallory the moose, the Octanuts, Cat in the Hat, and the list goes on and on. Soren got the bug and started asking as well. His turn of phrase for it is to ask for the character and then say ‘you talk about it’ that you can hear around 15 secs into the video below.

Soren has been loving the Berenstain Bears book. He knows the titles from the covers and Moving day and Mama’s New Job are his favorites. Adam thinks the way he says Berenstain Bears is great. We hope you agree.

Overall, he really loves books more every day. He will lay and flip through them, quite adorably and quietly. And it is nice to get a quiet moment these days.

Training wheels up!

At the end of May, Sloane surprised me by saying she was ready to try riding her bike without training wheels. Luckily, they just swing up and lock into place. The path at the bottom of our park is a nice flat stretch with grass on both sides. She has only taking one trip into the blackberry bushes! It took her hardly any time to figure out the balance portion. And when she got going, I had another surprise- I got choked up and started crying.

This video is from today 7/12. She does better when I don’t watch her start.

Cherry picking

Toward the end of June, we went cherry picking. This was the biggest adventure we have had since mid March. We drove over an hour each way and were away from home for almost 5 hours as a family. The kids were in awe pointing things out on the drive. The gorge was beautiful and sunny on a rainy day at home. The cherry trees were old and set up on a hill with a gorgeous view. Luckily there were ladders and we have daredevil kiddos!

The kids might have taste tested a few cherries as well.

After picking, we grabbed pizza from a food cart and sat very far from all other people. Then watch kite surfers on the river before driving home. It is a nice sneak peek at future adventures as a family.