Smoothie sharing

For the past few months, Soren has been helping me make my smoothies. About a year ago, he and Sloane would both help me and it was the opposite of help- spilling spinach all over the floor, arguing about who does what, basically taking a LONG time while I was hungry.

Now, just Soren helps me and he’s great at it. And he has added a final step- getting two straws out so he can share it with me. Like we are on a date at an old timey soda shop. I am going to soak it up before he won’t fit in my lap anymore.

Kindergarten for Sloane!

Sloane’s first day of kindergarten was Friday 9/4. Our school district is fully remote for the foreseeable future. We explained how school won’t be exactly how she expected and she was fine with it! We picked up her Chrome book from the school last week. And after some IT issues, we were logged in and ready to go.

Her teacher is Mrs. Morrison, who were able to meet in person on Wednesday this week. Mrs. Morrison met up at the front desk of the school (all in masks) and after saying hello, she said she was going to take Sloane back to the classroom for a bit. Sloane just marched on back to the classroom without looking back. I cried a little because I was so proud of her. She has been out of pre-K since mid March and we just weren’t sure how she was going to do. But she was a rock star! She wrote her name with only the S backwards, counted to 39, matched her numerical numbers with the correct number of objects, and cut well! She already loves Mrs. Morrison, who was very sweet, patient, and kind. Also, Mrs. Morrison has a 5 month old named Violet so Sloane thinks that is amazing.

Friday was the first day of school online from home. Soren went to Nini and Papa 2’s and I could focus on Sloane. She is actually very good at navigating around the screen but when the password won’t work for a program, I even found it frustrating. We powered through and she had two 30 minute classroom meetings, plus we accomplished two assignments. Sloane is such a bright, imaginative, and inquisitive little one. Our hope is that she’ll learn to love school and we don’t lose our minds working through this online schedule. I just keep picturing Soren running naked through the background on a video meeting with Sloane’s class. Probably not the worse thing in the world though!