We asked Sloane and Soren to pick out their Halloween costumes in early October. Luckily they both wanted to dress up using things we mostly had around the house.

But this wasn’t Sloane’s-

Or this

Or these for both kids

Or this tiger for Soren

These were the final costumes- a pink princess cat and a monkey. Though Soren insisted on being called Peter Panda because we had just read Berenstain Bears and the New Neighbors.

We went on a little parade around the block that a neighbor set up. It was fun to be in costumes early in the day, though masks meant no face paint this year.

Our neighbors’ grand kids, Tovah and Olin
Our neighbor Vivi with Sloane

Adam had brought the kids to the pumpkin patch in mid October and it was actually a pretty slow day. They were able to ride the tractor and climb the hay bale pyramid. They picked out our pumpkins.

I have decided Halloween should always be on a Saturday. We had a the whole day off together and it was relaxing. We carved our pumpkins during the day. When we were carving, I told Sloane to draw a face with triangles, squares, and circles and I would transfer onto her pumpkin. The result was a pretty amazing mouth. We have a set of tools for carving pumpkins and Soren was obsessed with the serrated knife. Soren told us he wanted a dog carved into his pumpkin. Adam and I attempted a few sketches on paper and Soren declared they were all not dogs. I finally convinced him that a spider was a good idea.

Our next door neighbors gave the kids little treat bags that included veggies chips. Sloane was a fan!

One neighbor told us that they would be handing out candy off a table so we decided to do one trick or treat stop. The full moon was so incredible that being out was an adventure! We stopped at one other house that was wearing masks and gloves to give out candy. Adam made some chocolate chip cookies for us to have at home. It made the kids super happy and mostly forget about candy.

Lost tooth

Sloane lost her first tooth! It went from the tiniest bit wiggly to super loose in a couple days. She was so excited. We have heard of a few friends who had lost teeth already and she was ready for her turn.

Sloane asked if the tooth fairy could bring her one of each type of money, meaning coins. $0.41 seemed a bit small for the first tooth, so the tooth fairy added in a silver dollar as well. Sloane refers to the gift as ‘five monies.’ Loose tooth number two- here we come!

And she loves to try to pick up Murdoc and this is picture makes me so happy!