Christmas 2020

And again- with the pandemic restrictions in WA state, we celebrated Christmas at our house with the four of us. It was suppose to be the year we went to NH to celebrate but it was yet another canceled trip in the pandemic. Fingers crossed for Christmas in July or August instead.

On Christmas Eve, we did a video chat with the NH crew. As our NH tradition, Pa read Twas the Night Before Christmas to us all. We said goodnight and wished everyone a happy day. The kids had a sleep over in Soren’s room and we were crossing our fingers that they would sleep until at least 6 am!

Christmas morning (after 6 am!) we all went out to see the presents under the tree and find the stockings. Santa fills the stockings and we luckily got to borrow the ones from G and Pa to use at our house. We have been at our own place once for Christmas morning since we had kids and that was when Sloane was 8 days old! We did my family’s old tradition of opening the stockings on the parent’s bed. Sloane and Soren got Honeysuckle Hallow animal families- dalmatians for Soren and bears for Sloane.

Then we spend most of the day in our jammies; opening presents, eating yummy food (Adam made homemade bagels for lox), and playing. Plus, as chiropractors we had family adjusting time!

Soren got race cars from Nini and Papa. Both kids got bathrobes made by G. Sloane got some new clothes for her American Girl dolls. Adam got a Powered by Gluten shirt because he has made all our bread since March. And we got some Christmas mugs from Jesse, Cam, and Lida. We also gave Adam a frame that included a self portrait of Sloane.

Happy 2021 to all!

Pre Christmas 2020

We wanted to be as festive as possible this year, getting the Christmas decorations down the weekend after Thanksgiving. Then we got our Christmas tree early and decorating it together.

We made looks of cookies- gingerbread, peanut butter krinkles, and triple ginger. Sloane and Soren both helpful in cutting out the gingerbread cookies. I was amazed at their concentration with decorating.

We used our cookie cutters for the first time in years. One set was woodland creatures. I kept calling this one a whale though! Turns out whales don’t live in the forest and it was a snail.

My usually tradition of tying wreaths with Rach at her parent’s house couldn’t happen, again WA restrictions. So Sloaney was my helper and we set up a station in the driveway with our sawhorses (thanks, Dad!). We had a great time listening to Christmas music and saying hi to neighbors walking by. Plus Rach stopped by and dropped off some of the pretty trimmings from her mom’s garden for me to jazz up my wreaths. I was pretty happy with them.

We went to the Portland International Raceway for the Festival of Lights. They did a great job making it COVID-19 friendly. We pre bought our tickets online, plus then we just drove around in our car with the four of us! Adam made pizza for us and we brought it in the car to eat while we were waiting to get in. We let the kids sit in our laps for the slow drive around the track. Both Sloane and Soren wanted to drive around again, but sadly that is no allowed.

Oh, and I got us matching pajamas!

Thanksgiving 2020

This fall we would occasionally pick up the lunches provided at the school. They had a turkey coloring page for Thanksgiving that you could bring in for a prize. Sloane and Soren were excited about the prizes and colored the turkeys. The prizes were candies (of course), of which they both got banana flavored Laffy Taffy. I am sorry to say that they both liked them.

With the governor’s restrictions on social gatherings, we had Thanksgiving with just the 4 of us at our house. This included a turkey smoked on the grill, homemade rolls, stuffing with sausage and apples, and 3 pies! The kids were very excited about using Adam’s great aunt Amelia’s china and fancy blue glasses. Plus 3 types of pie for dessert!

We went for a brisk walk with Nini and Papa2 in the afternoon. We missed spending the day with them cooking and eating. But we are thankful for everyone’s health!

Our neighbors started putting up their Christmas lights right after Thanksgiving and the kids enjoyed the show. Plus they are darn cute together sometimes.

It was really nice to have a long weekend at home together. With our current schedules, Adam and I have Sundays off together on a regular week. So Wednesday afternoon to Sunday evening was so nice! Soren and I got some cuddles in. And Sloane and Soren got to run around and Soren kept his leaf blower backpack on for it!