Sloane is 6!

Going into the her birthday, I was concerned she would be disappointed- not having a party, not having a day at school with her classmates, and not seeing friends. And with the whirlwind that is Thanksgiving into Christmas prep, I hadn’t planned much. But somehow it all fell into to place and she was so happy.

We started with a walk to see Christmas lights with the Lembos on the Saturday prior to her birthday. They have a new pupper (named Archer, but Sloane calls Archered!) and Sloane get so excited about going on walks with them. Our neighborhood has some houses that are decked out!

On her birthday, she woke up to find a scavenger hunt to find where her presents were hidden. She is very clever and figured them all out. We let her open her presents before breakfast. Then a breakfast of her favorite cottage cheese pancakes and zoom PE class. It was fun to watch her through all these things- she was happy and smiling, but after a while she would get so excited to recall what happened and be so animated and excited.

We had video chats, walks, and visits from friends for distanced/masked birthday wishes. With a Burgerville dinner and another walk with friends to see Christmas lights, she was elated. We had a little flub with cupcakes made with 6 eggs instead of 6 eggs whites, but the kids still ate them up. Soren does prefer to just eat the frosting like me.

Petunia, her new doll from G and Pa

Sloane is doing so well with her writing and reading. She got a set of BOB reading books from Nini and Papa2 and she is tearing through them. I strongly remember my dread of phonics but Sloane is doing so well sounding out the words. She also writes her calendar dates out. We were missing a month from her teacher and Sloane went ahead to draw her own.

She read the names of the colors and did this all on her own

Sloane continues to love stories- writing them, reading them, and now illustrating them. My parents have been writing one page chapters once a week for the kids since April. Now Sloane has dictated 3 chapters to me and illustrated them to send to my parents. My dad says his favorite drawing is Sloane’s double decker bus. My favorite is her drawing of one of her dolls, Diva.

Reading G and Pa’s chapters to Soren, he crawled up into her lap
Diva the doll

Sloane continues to be very compassionate, even though 90% of her time is spent with her family. Even with yelling and battles at times, she loves her brother. He asks her to sit close to him whenever they watch a show. She likes to pick him up and will read him stories. She loves singing and making up songs. It feels at time like she is narrating the musical of my life. She is also quick with her humor. We’ve talked about kitty eyes, something Ellie, Max, and Zander mastered. Instead of batting her eyes and looking up, she narrowed her eyes looking through her knitted eye brows. When I showed her the right way, she said those were Murdoc kitty eyes (our nice cat) and she was making Mia kitty eyes (our not so nice cat).

Two of the sides of Sloane
Cuddles to watch a show on the Kindle