G and Pa’s long awaited visit

Once G and Pa had their second vaccine appointment, we started planning their visit. We saw G in February 2020 and Pa in September 2019. It had been too long. I spent a few weeks telling the kids we didn’t know when G and Pa would come but they would as soon as they could. Sloane told me she wished they would come in 6 days. We decided to surprise the kids and have G and P ring the door bell. Both kids were super excited. It was actually pretty close to the 6 day mark of Sloane’s wish and she was over the moon.

Unfortunately, Sloane got a cold at the beginning of the visit. This resulted in a quick trip to the pediatrician for a COVID-19 test and some oral steroids to treat her croup. After a couple days, we got the results back as negative- hurray! She was a sad lump for a day but recovered quickly as seen in the video below. She is also asking not to have anything up her nose again, please. But then Soren and I caught the cold. After being healthy for over a year, it was rough. We managed to keep G, Pa, and Adam healthy though.

The kids immediately attached themselves to G and Pa- wanted them to read stories, show them pictures, and go on walks. But we did have to put them to work a bit. Pa painted our front door after spiffing it up a bit. He also installed our new kitchen drawer pulls and knobs. This is the second time I have given him a job involving our cabinets and it finally broke him down. He is planning to build us new doors and drawer fronts over the summer!

G and I did some garden shop retail therapy. We spread more mulch and put in some perennials. She and I also relaxed and did our crossword puzzles a bit. Sloane told us she wanted a crossword puzzle to do as well, so Adam found graph paper for us to make them for her. This might be Sloane’s spelling and writing work for the summer.

Pa started a drawing game with Sloane and then Soren joined in as well. They would each draw one part of the picture and then hand it to the next person to draw another part. The creations are below. Pa also taught them about newspaper hats, which Sloane informed him could NOT be made of old comic pages. G, Pa, Sloane, and Soren also formed a club that involved finding missing items and regular meetings.

There was a big heat wave the week they were visiting. The kids spent time in the little pool and sprinklers. We spent an afternoon over at Nini and Papa 2’s house. Having four grandparents around is pretty special.

It was sad to say goodbye to them. I was hoping they would get Sloane’s runny nose and would need to delay their flight home. It turned out to be a good thing that they left when they did because my dad ended up needing some medical care. He is doing well and we can’t wait to see both G and Pa again soon.