4th of July 2021

We had our Bramble extended family gathering over the 4th again this year. We camped for 4 nights at Cape Lookout, thanks to Uncle Zach’s planning 6 months in advance. Morgan arrived a day early and the kids were instantly attached to her. Adam said no one else could talk for about 20 minutes while Soren went on and on.

Once we packed up everything under the sun, we were on our way on 7/2. Sloane insisted on wearing her best dress so that she would look fancy to see the Zip cousins for the first time in 11 months. Darby instantly gave us the best hand-me-downs for camping- fleece animal onesies. Not only were they cute, but they were warm and kept the bugs off their skins! Soren originally said he was a red panda, but changed his mind to be a Northern Raccoon (he added the Northern himself to be like a Northern Flicker woodpecker). He proceeded to tell anyone walking by the campsite that was what he was.

We could walk to the beach from the campsite. We had some cooler temperatures in the mornings and took a few walks/hikes. We took more band album cover photos of all the cousins together. And we saw the largest waterfall in OR while eating salmon berries all the way.

We ate like camping royalty (primarily thanks to Nini’s planning and prep)- steaks, Otto’s brats, fresh caught crab, and local oysters! Plus Adam made mallow bars, which are like a bar form of smores. We can’t find a marshmallow Soren can eat, so Adam made them.

The ocean water was not like ice picks this time. We ran and splash, but the prize for best auntie of the trip was a tie between Morgan and Darby!

Soren was so cuddly on the trip- for many reasons- wanting to be close to people, needing love from falls/injuries, and to get warm and cozy. I liked having him in my lap in his Northern raccoon suit for the extra warmth.

For Donna

I do this blog for family and friends, especially those out of town. My Aunt Donna has been so wonderful to my kids- sending them cards and gifts. We send thank you notes but I think this video captures how much the kids love her gifts. Some time over the pandemic, she sent out a couple scarves. Soren picked the blue one with little coins attached. He loves it tied around his neck as a cape. We had the box fan set up for a while during our heat wave and Soren turned it into his superhero wind machine.

We love you, Donna!