Two months and going strong!

Sloane is two months old now and we are settled into life as a family of three. She has been doing so much growing in the past 9 weeks! Here is a sampling of the hundreds of pics we have taken.

Sloane is holding up her head more each day. This is very helpful with carrying, lifting, and nursing. But she is still in the sweet stage where she is super cuddly. Once she has more muscle control that will change, so we are soaking up the snuggles. She has discovered her hands and tongue and makes a slobbery mess of everything. She loves to lick your shoulder when she is being held upright! No one has seemed to mind yet.


One thought on “Two months and going strong!”

  1. We are so happy for you! What a handsome family and it looks like you are enjoying every minute of it and having so much fun!
    Love the picture you sent! What a little cutie! Can’t wait to hold her when we see you next summer(?).
    Lots of love,
    Martha & John

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