Summer in NH and VT

We traveled to New England this August and had a the perfect time- nice visits, nice weather, and good food (aka lobster!). The first night we stayed in Wilton with my parents and our friends the Wades came to visit. They have recently moved from Portland OR to Portland ME. Our children are close in age and we all enjoyed catching up, picking blueberries, and playing around.

We headed up the our family camp in Vermont for three nights after that. It was very relaxing- playing in the water and going on kayak rides. Jesse made Sloane a whole school set up with paper and played for hours with her. Soren enjoyed kicking a ball around the yard and pretending to paddle the kayak. One night around the fire, I gave him too much chocolate as he kept asking for it as ‘cha-cha’ and I wasn’t paying attention. He was up until almost 10 that night- telling us our names, pointing and naming the ceiling, light, and wall.

Adam and my dad took the kids on a motor boat ride around the lake the first night. The second night, my dad was teaching Sloane to cast the kid rod on the dock. I went out to take some pictures and the dock started to tip, and then didn’t stop tipping. After some screaming and a scare that the fish hook was in Sloane’s eye, we all ended up unharmed in the water. Though the same cannot be said for my parents’ nice camera that was around my neck and subsequently in the water.

Back in Wilton, we had lobsters and steamers. Sloane had some lobster and declared it the yummiest thing she had ever eaten. Soren ate almost 5 steamers. We played in the kiddie pool and Sloane got to chasing Jesse with a glass of water. Jesse did good evasive moves while not spilling her drink.

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  1. I don’t tell you very often, but I love every picture of these beautiful children. I miss them this year, but I know how much being home is loved!

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