Snow 2021 part 1

The kids have been asking about snow since we read books at Christmas with snow pictures in them. We made plans to borrow Nini’s Pilot one day and drove up the a snow park called Old Man’s Pass. It was actually snowing that day and totally beautiful. The steep part of the hill was patchy with snow but the lower area had a bunch of snow. The trees were covered with snow and it was pretty magical. We found a previously built snowman and the kids dressed it up with branches and moss. We also did some adventuring through the trees.

We packed a picnic lunch and ate on the tailgate of the Pilot. There were some birds very interested in our food. Adam stepped a bit away to feed them out of his hand. The kids were interested in went with him. I was taking photos on my phone when one bird shifted course and headed for my still hand thinking my phone was food. From my perspective, I was looking at my screen and got the image of a bird flying directly at my face. Needless to say I screamed! And the birds scattered. The kids mostly laughed at me.

Soren was wiped out and napped on the way home.

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