Snow 2021 part 2

On President’s day weekend, we had thought we would try to rent a house in a snowy area to escape and play. We were too late to the game finding a house and planned a weekend at home. Luckily the snow came to us! We got about 10 inches from Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. Sloane and Soren were beside themselves with excitement.

We walked down to our neighborhood park twice on Friday and Saturday. For living in a place with little to no snow, we were quite outfitted! Plus one purple sled from Target and we were set. The park has some hills which made it perfect to find out own little spot to play in. The kids made snow angels, threw snow balls, and went sliding. Sloane has made up a character who fits into the Princess in Black series called the Princess in Sneaking. So she did some sneaking in the trees.

The Princess in Sneaking

Adam had picked up a pair of children’s skis at a garage sale a few years ago. We haven’t had a chance to get Sloane on them yet but we decided this snow and our front yard would be a good introduction. Sloane approaches new things with caution and a touch of fear; but then usually loves them. This is the first run, followed by her 5th.

That weekend, the newest chapter from my parents’ arrived and ti was about sledding. My dad included a drawing he did in 1962 of a sledding scene. Sloane thought it was amazing, especially the photo of my dad on the back.

We have way more photos of Sloane from the weekend (and recently) because Soren’s newest thing is to put his hands up and say ‘no picture me’ We have to get sneaky with our close ups of his cute, stubborn face. Sloane’s cheeks though- so rosy during and red, red after.

Watch Soren’s hat flapping as he runs

We lucked out in that the snow stuck around for a few days making it really pretty. And we did not get the ice storm that hit south of Portland. And we did not lose power the whole time! On Monday, the snow started to melt and get really packed. We were able to build snowpeople in our backyard. Then on Wednesday, I let the kids go out and make little snowpeople to keep in the freezer because they were so sad the snow was melting. They want to live somewhere that gets snow all winter.

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