Someone can’t be trusted with scissors

So we thought Soren could be trusted with scissors. Once when he was around 2, he cut a bit of Sloane’s hair in the back. We put the scissors up high and only had supervised use. We thought he knew to only cut paper….. we thought wrong.

In April, I gave the back of Soren’s hair a trim. He had this patch of super long hair coming off the crown of his head. I think this gave him an idea.

About a month later, Adam left the kids at Sloane’s desk watching an animated book while he pulled together lunch. He came back to this.

The funny thing is that it actually looks pretty good. The curls hid any uneven spots. And I think he was just tired of the bangs hanging in his eyes. But the scissors went back up on top of the fridge for a bit.

He promises not to cut Sloane’s or his hair again

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